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Form Work Accessories
There are many formwork accessories developed by the company in different metal alloys and surface finishes. Customers are welcome to buy these accessories in sizes and quantities of their choice.
Cuplock System
Cuplock System comprising bottom cup and top cup along with other components is used for making a support structure for the construction workers. All the accessories in this section can be assembled to create a system for building and civil engineering projects.
Builders Hardware & Iron Mongeries
Door hinges are fixed type door accessories used to fix the cabinet, wardrobe or entrance door; and allow easy opening and closing. Based on the kind of door to be installed, the carpenters can select the right kind of door hinges.
General Hardware
Mason and plastering trowels are two kinds of hand trowel used by construction masons for applying, leveling, smoothing concrete or cement. It is important to clean these hand tools every day after use to prevent layering of cement on the blade.
Garden Tools
Garden rake is a flathead design hand tool, mainly used in performing gardening and landscaping works. It is easier with this tool to perform turning soil, gathering leaves from ground, removing weeds and much more.
Hand Tools
Hand tool spanner, also known as wrench is a hand tool provided in different designs and sizes to enable the users perform turning of fasteners onto any machine, equipment, furniture or any other system, at the time of either assembling or disassembling.
Scaffolding Coupler
Scaffolding coupler is one of the main components of scaffolding structure. There are several kinds of coupler in our range available in different surface finishes & with fasteners, and are majorly used for joining different components.
Garden Hoe
Our company develops and supplies garden hoe without the handle. Triangle, square and rectangular shaped blades are available. These ion made hand tool is provided in different sizes and weights.
Building Construction Material
From buckets, concrete spacers to plumb bob, all kinds of building construction material are produced and supplied from our company. Every material in this list is designed to help the workers perform a specific construction job.
Hand & Allied Tools
Several tools are covered in this section of hand & allied tools. Each of the tool in this section is designed to fulfill a purpose in several sectors, like construction, plumbing, electrical and more.
Door Aldrop
T- kunda, karam and nut bolts combine to make a door aldrop. This door accessory is fixed on the door to allow locking of the door and ensuring safety of the premise and assets.
Tower Bolt
Tower bolt is also a safety door and window accessory fixed from inside to allow the people lock the door and window, whenever necessary. Customers are welcome to buy this accessory in different sizes and surface finishes.